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Enhanced search facilities to obtain information on Subject, Course, Staff, Student, Fees, Exam, Schedule, Results, Placement etc..

Development is the result of sound education and this sound education is provided by the Institutes. The output of institutes decide the outcome of the country. The growth of a country is largely accounted by 3Es – Education, Efficiency and Economy. The duty of the Institutes is to mould every individual with these 3Es thus adding value to the individual as well as the organisation for which they contribute in the future and in effect to the country. Hence Institutes play a vital role in the development of humanity in general.

But the functioning of institutes can be very complex given the volume of students in and out every year. Complexity leads to confusion, which stops smooth flow of information. In this age of Information Technology, information is like oxygen giving life to technology on which everything else is depended on. Every complex problem has solutions and this complexity of institutes can be solved by using appropriate tool – eInstitute.

eInstitute contains an internal interface for effective management of Institute and a Web interface for effective sharing of information. The internal interface takes care of details of subject, students, staff, placement, news, MIS etc while the Web interface allows students as well as parents to acquire information related to performance, attendance, News, Placement schedules / Results etc. In effect, the website for the institute will be very informative and interactive thanks to the concept of eInstitute.

The internal interface of the eInstitute has the following features with which the data can be maintained and uploaded in the web server so that the web interface can utilize the data and display the information that has been sought.

Software Gallery
  • Create/Modify/Delete different users (Password protected), with restrictions set by the administrator at the time of creation.
  • Absolutely user friendly software that requires minimum training.
  • Simplified package which requires minimum user interaction
  • Maintains details of Directors, members of the management and also maintains the details of the activities like board meeting, AGM etc. Even Minutes of meetings can be maintained and displayed as per request.
  • Maintains details of different courses like Mech. Engineering, MBA, MCA etc and the subjects related to each of these courses, the class schedule for a week, statistics related to performance / Placement of students belonging to different courses.
  • Maintains details of staff members, their area of specialisation, classes handled by them etc..
  • Maintains details of students with password, application for joining the institute, attendance in each subject, internal as well as external marks obtained by the student, rank or position of the student in the class etc. Since the details of every student is protected by a unique password for each of them, the respective student and parents can share the information across the web from anywhere in the world..
  • Maintains details of different kinds of fees being charged and fees paid by the students.
  • Maintains details of the Companies, Job profile, Application, Test / Interview schedules, Placement results etc..
  • Maintains details of Job / vacancy available in the institute for candidates to apply for a suitable post in the institute along with test / interview schedules and results.
  • Maintains News like events in the institute, competitive exam schedules, achievers etc..
  • Provides information on all the modules discussed above which can be saved to a file or can be printed directly in the format preferred by the user. The general information provided are information on Management, Subjects / Course, Staff, Students (Application, Marks, Ranking, Attendance etc.), Fees, Placement (Application, Schedules, Results), Career, News etc. The report is generated in the form of MS Word document and if it is saved as a file, the contents can be modified as desired by the user through MS Word.
  • Enhanced search facilities to obtain information on Subject, Course, Staff, Student, Fees, Exam, Schedule, Results, Placement etc..
Database Management:

Easy maintenance of Database through Backup (Taking a backup of the existing database), Restoring (restoring the old database to the current one to referrer old details), Clearing the Old Transactions, Closed Purchase orders.


Creating users with access to specific modules or sub menu along with password and expiry date. There is no upper limit and any number of users can be created. Log maintenance , etc. can be done.


The key module of all master entries. Master module can be accessed only by the top management staff to create or modify the masters. Courser master shows the total courses available in the institute with the academic type and division of the course with respective masters. Subject master can shows all the subject name and the code of the subject. Subject group are created based on the subject, student can chose the course based on the subject group with the respective name of course. Fees master are related with the course master and subject selected for the course. Fees are fixed with fees description based on the course. Fees descriptions are created depending on the course, academic type and etc. Exam fee master will show the fees for exams depending on the course, student type, academic type and etc. .

Student Info:

All students details are registered here and can be provide student to access. This module act as a key module for student and their related works. All student details can be uploaded here and viewed by student and their parents or guardian. It has marks entry like internal marks, external marks and marks entry in bar-code and ranking generation. Student ID card can be generated and reports can be generated with their selected fields. attendance and Their laboratory fine amount will be showed here. Student master contains Name, parent name, course, division/class, roll no, photo and etc.


Accounts module helps us to receipt payment and print receipt and payment with bank details. It has description of the transaction under accounts head followed by group heads. Reports can be generated for payment and receipt for individual and consolidated.

Hostel Details:

It has room master and room allocation. Room master contains the name or no of the room, warden name, hostel address, room size and number of beds in the room. Allocation master can be useful to allocate correct number of student to the particular room and to use the room for maximum number of student.


Using transport master the capacity of the transport can be filled and can be used for maximum utilization of the transport. Vehicle pass printing to the student can be made and allocation of student also can be done. Reports are available for transport trip and students usage of the transport.

Class Info:

The details of time table based on class and subjects taken in the class are created. This module has Students attendance record, class room name details, location, and staffs allotted for the class also available. Reports of class room location and attendance and portions completed are can be generated .

Placement :

This module has the recruitment company's profile IE Name, website address, phone numbers etc. Job profile of the company can be given here and will helpful to student to know the nature of work, and to select based on their knowledge etc. and it can provide the details of salary and other details. Test and interview schedules are available and it can be helpful to student to attend the test/interview without fail. Recruitment result also can be announced here for the attended students. .

Fee Info:

The following actions can be done using this module. Fee collection, fee verification, fees discount, fees receipt, discount receipt, fee transfer, and to see opening balance of the student. Reports can be generated for the following fee collection, fee balance, fee discount offered, opening balance of fee of all student and for particular student.

Online Help

Online Help for e-Institute operating procedure. Detailed steps for each operation can be availed by pressing Help key F1

Application Areas
  • Educational Institues
  • Engneering Colleges
  • Schools
  • Private Organizations
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