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Air Simulation Software

Air Pollution Simulation Models

APSM is fully three-dimensional software package developed based on Computational Fluid Dynamics tools in a finite volume approach to solve the differential equations governing mass, momentum, and energy transfer. It can be used to simulate spread of emitted pollutants into the atmosphere, possible impact on the roads due to dispersion of pollutants, Fire Propagation. This software will take account of all topographical parameters, sources and meteorological conditions into numerical simulations. It is an absolute user-friendly GUI system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation, calculation and analysis.

  • Excellent Pre-Processing Facilities
  • 2D/3-D cartesian/BFC Grid generation.
  • Steady-state and Transient solutions.
  • nviscid and Viscous fluid flows.
  • Incompressible and compressible flows.
  • Chemical reactions.
  • High precision finite volume method for solving the governing equations.
  • Menu Interface for defining boundary conditions, convective, diffusive fluxes and source terms.
  • Post-processing and online help facilities .
Air Simulation Software

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