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About Education Institutional Software

Educational Solutions is a collection of Client/Server Applications developed based on Client/Server Architecture. Client/Server Architecture is constructed in such a way that the database can reside on central computer, known as Server, and be shared among several users. Clients can share the processes,which reside in the Server. so that the communication is possible over the network.

Educational Solutions is a collection of Client/Server Applications, which gives solutions to the problem occurred/involved in day-to-day business.We developed Library Management System to automate total Library and Bank Software developed for Co-Operative Banks.

  • Excellent Pre-Processing Facilities.A variety of performance and bandwidth requirements can be met since work can be distributed from the desktop to more powerful network servers.
  • Better Performance: Fetching and manipulation of data can be done quickly. Querying large result sets with optimum performance.
  • Each data item is stored in a central location where all users can work with it.
  • Business and security rules can be defined one time on the server and enforced equally among all users.
  • A relational database server optimizes network traffic by returning the data an application needs.
  • Hardware costs can be minimized since the data will not be stored on each client, clients need not allocate disk space to store data.
  • High precision finite volume method for solving the governing equations.
  • Maintenance tasks such as creating back up and restoring data from backup are simplified because they can focus on the central server.
Education Institution Software

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