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Breeze contains an internal interface for effective management of office and a Web interface for effective sharing of information. The internal interface takes care of details of Daily Tasks, Leaves MIS etc while the Web interface allows Employee to acquire information related to performance, attendance, News etc.

But the functioning of offices can be very complex given the volume of students in and out every year. Complexity leads to confusion, which stops smooth flow of information. In this age of Information Technology, information is like oxygen giving life to technology on which everything else is depended on. Every complex problem has solutions and this complexity of offices can be solved by using appropriate tool – Breeze.

The internal interface of the Breeze has the following features with which the data can be maintained and uploaded in the web server so that the web interface can utilize the data and display the information that has been sought.

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  • Create/Modify/Delete different users (Password protected), with restrictions set by the administrator at the time of creation.
  • Absolutely user friendly software that requires minimum training.
  • Simplified package which requires minimum user interaction
  • Maintains details of Directors, members of the management and also maintains the details of the activities like board meeting, AGM etc. Even Minutes of meetings can be maintained and displayed as per request.
  • Maintains details of payrol, Leave Management, Tasks Management and Project Management.
  • Maintains details of Invoices, Purchase Orders and Quotations.
  • Maintains details of Asset Management.
  • Maintains details of Material in and Out and Visitor Registar.
  • Maintains details of employee, their area of specialisation, Department etc..
  • Maintains details of employee with password, Apply Leave, Daily Tasks and Project Management .
  • Maintains details of Project Management.
  • Maintains details of the Companies, Job profile, Application, Test / Interview schedules, Placement results etc.
  • Maintains details of Job / vacancy available in the office for candidates to apply for a suitable post in the office along with test / interview schedules and results.
  • Maintains News like events in the office, latest Development, achievers etc..
Database Management:

Easy maintenance of Database through Backup (Taking a backup of the existing database), Restoring (restoring the old database to the current one to referrer old details), Clearing the Old Transactions, Closed Purchase orders.


Accessed only by the top level management, having authorized permission to control all modules and pages of modules. User's access permissions are restricted with group master and security. All users can be alloted a group at a time to use the software depending on their work assigned

Inventory :

Purchase order and purchase requisition can be generated. All supplier details can be stored in supplier master, category and sub categories can be created and modified. Stock status and material flow (IN/OUT) can be monitored. Reports can be generated for material stock, purchase order, purchase requisition and etc. Using asset master the materials stock status, location, supplier of the materials, price, date of purchase, quality of the material can be known.


Fast, easy & scalable HR & employee management software for all sized companies. Offering employee self-service, salary & benefit data management, HR reporting, and onboarding tools.HR Department can become paperless to a large extent.Task of employee record management becomes very easy.Provide tools to employees and managers to manage their personal data electronically.Employees can apply for leaves on-line and view their leave balance etc. HR can get reports from employee data anytime, thus saving time.

Finance :

eBreeze considers all taxation rules according to your country. Option to customize taxation and salary rules also available on request. Supports multiple salary structures for different salary grades. Manages Performance Incentives using monthly variable sheet. Captures employee investment declaration for tax benefits investments and deducts tax according to government laws. Show salary slip to employees or Print mass salary slips in one click. Allows to email salary slips to employees in PDF format. Allows employees to view past salary slips and salary details.

My Requests:

Leave requests, Travel approvals,Permision request,Conference room bookings, Transport request and Employees can apply for leaves on-line and view their leave balance etc.


Complaint & Ticket logging and Facilities requisition.Responsing to the Complaint with in specific time period. Requisition can close by who raised the complaint.

Desk Info:

The details of employee including their address details, attendance details ,visiter log ,call register and Stock status and material flow (IN/OUT) can be monitored. Report can be generated for employee attendance. Employees can contact various HR help desk for requests and their request can be tracked, and updated on line..

Marketing :

New enquiry maintenance, Quotation Generation , Online approval, Purchase order maintenance and Reminder of meeting and demos. Quotation, Renewals AMC Reminder can be sent through E-mail to the Client. Updating the purchase request status. .

Messenger :

Display the available employee whom need to send the massage,click on User, After enter the Massage and send it. If you got any of the massage from another employee.It will show the details in bellow. After when you need to delete the massage,Just select that massage and Click on delete Button..

Online Help

Online Help for eBreeze operating procedure. Detailed steps for each operation can be availed by pressing Help key F1.

Application Areas:
  • Industries
  • Small Business Enterprises
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