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About Hydrodyn-WAVSOFT

About Hydrodyn-WAVSOFT

It is an absolute user friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation , calculation and analysis.

Hydrodyn- WAVSOFT is a 2D finite element hydrodynamic modeling software to solve the Navier-Stokes and scalar advective-diffusive equations on triangular grid system for prediction of hydrodynamic variables. It has both explicit/implicit solvers for solving the basic governing equations of flow and wave in a coupled way. Hydrodyn-WAVSOFT can also be used for rapid prediction of water levels, currents in the seas and estuaries.

Software Gallery
  • 3D unstructured triangular mesh can be generated for any arbitrary shaped topography of flow domain.
  • Can be used for modeling of waves.
  • Boundary conditions can be defined at any location.
  • Integration of pre and post processor facilities.
  • Digitization of various hydrographical features.
  • Solver has cold start and hot start options.
  • Help menu facilities are available.
Application Areas
  • Wave Climate Forecasting.
  • Coastal morpho-dynamics.
  • Probability of floods in coastal zone.
  • Coastal structure stability and coast protection.
  • Assimilation of wind or wave satellite data during computation.
  • Wave-currents and wave-storm surge interactions, especially in those places where tide plays a significant role
  • To establish the tranquility conditions, prevail at the Jetty facility
  • To assure the currents and tides around the jetty berths are well within threshold limits applicable for safe berthing of vessels 90% of the time.
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