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About Hydrodyn-POLSOFT

About Hydrodyn-POLSOFT

It is an absolute user-friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation, calculation and analysis.

Hydrodyn-POLSOFT is an advanced computer software used to simulate pollutant transport in coastal waters of estuarine systems for complex geometry domains with high order (precision) numerical schemes. It solves the conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy for flow and pollutant. It uses a triangular mesh to map the physical domain features to be modeled exactly and with generalized flow boundaries.

Software Gallery
  • 2DTriangular mesh can be generated for any arbitrary shaped topography of flow domain.
  • σ stretched co-ordinate system in vertical direction
  • Can be used for modeling of hydrostatic / non-hydrostatic flows.
  • Simulation of various water quality parameters.
  • Pollutant source boundary conditions can be defined at any location in the study domain.
  • Integrated pre and post processor facilities.
  • Digitization tools for digitizing various hydrographical features.
  • Solver has cold start and hot start options.
  • Help menu facilities are available.
Application Areas
  • Dispersion of Thermal effluents from power plants
  • Dispersion of reject water from desalination plants
  • Identifying suitable outfall locations for waste water disposal
  • Dispersion of effluents from Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)
  • Tidal Circulation and particle trajectory
  • Prediction of Salinity Concentration
  • Simulation of Water Quality parameters
  • Designed to quantify movement and concentration of contaminants in lakes, streams, estuaries and marine environments
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