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Ground Water Pollution Simulation Softwares (GWPSM)

GWPSMis self-contained fully three-dimensional fluid dynamics software package designed to simulate pollutant transport in ground water, possible impact at the zones of coastal shoreline due to salt water intrusion. It is the only available software which takes into account, all soil properties in numerical simulation.

  • Excellent Pre-Processing Facilities.
  • High precision finite volume method for solving the governing equations.
  • 3-D models for flow and solute transport.
  • Interactive features of data handling like storing backup, retrieving data etc.
  • Possibility of imposing varied flow boundary conditions at inlet or outlet locations.
  • Post-processing and online help facilities.
  • Accessible and user-friendly menu for non-specialists.
  • Election of Multiple inlets and outlets.
  • User interface for defining soil properties.

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